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To survive, a business must implement systems to solve problems – BUT – jumping from tab-to-tab is not the answer. This is a burden taking time out of your day which you could otherwise be spending on your passion – growing your business.

Take control, at omniEffect we will help you transform this burden into your most valuable and enjoyable asset.

How can we help?

omniEffect truly believes in the power of data and helping discover your unfair advantage – your data.

Data “Aware” businesses that can react and adapt to insights quickly will succeed in an ever-changing world. Without this ability to react and adapt many businesses quickly fall behind their “aware” competition.

Are you an “Aware”-business? omniEffect can help your business become more “Aware” by collating all the information surrounding your business into one location. Make better business decisions more quickly by simply looking at your omniEffect solution for all the information you need.

Drawing on years of experience, the good and the bad – six key areas that every business should focus on stand out. These are: niche, friction, viscosity, automation, immediacy and learning. The solutions we use at omniEffect are designed to improve your organisation in any of these areas through appropriate technology choices.

Find Your Niche

At omniEffect we have discovered our niche, let us help you.  Our solutions will help your business find and maintain its niche. We achieve this by delivering your business managers the day-to-day insights to make informed decisions, creating improved workflows to help your employees maintain contact with customers or building better interactions to attract your market.

Decrease Friction

Supporting quick interactions and multiple touch-points with your business is a key to success.

Our solutions can help your business reduce the friction your customer’s experience when they interact with you.  We do this by working with you to identify key regions of friction in your customer process, perhaps your customers need to call you every time they want to make an appointment, and we offer a solution to reduce this point of friction, such as a customer portal for making these appointments.

Lower Viscosity

Movement of data and streamlining processes is key to keeping your business fit and healthy.

Information presented in the right place at the right time is critical for customer success.  Getting this right is how you grow.

Imagine your business has a customer database that your employees can access when dealing with sales but not for inventory.  Staff need to TAB between many systems in order to complete a single transaction, making it difficult to provide timely or accurate information for customers.   An omniEffect solution can solve this problem by providing an easy to use dashboard for these staff members to use that quickly and fluidly delivers the information they need.

Implement Automation

Stop wasting time re-working.  Get omniEffect to focus on automating repetitive systems and processes – this is key to your growth.  Let omniEffect create more time for your in your business.

Imagine: your business has a valuable employee who spends hours entering data from one system into another? Or perhaps a team member has to create monthly spreadsheets on your data and email them to your employees? You probably have many of these kinds of tasks, some of which you could be completely unaware of, let omniEffect automate it for you.

Let us build a relationship with you, by analysing your business processes and help identify key tasks and exploit the power of automation for you.

Deliver Immediacy

Customers demand immediate access to information and services.  Every second counts; most customer purchase decisions are measured in seconds and they will move on if they are forced to wait. Enough customers and this starts significantly impacting your sales revenue.

Engaging your customers anytime, anywhere is a key to growing your business.

omniEffect specialises in delivering this form of immediacy to customers. Through our omniEffect solutions, we can deliver your customers a website, dashboard, emails or notifications that give them instant access to your information and services.

Learn From Data

Focus on growing your business by letting omniEffect help you discover your “Whats-Next”.

Businesses unencumbered by their day-to-day processes, who can analyse and learn from their data in context with their market is more likely to make better business decisions.  Get omniEffect to help your business providing all of this information to your decision making staff, not just that one guy, but incorporating all your existing services and data sources into one location, one solution.

omniEffect solutions can also incorporate the latest in business intelligence, computer learning and visualization technologies to learn from the data and gain insights about you, spotting trends and problems.  Let us help your business today.

Make Me Better

Personal Consultation

Our analysts will get in touch with you personally to discuss your business needs

Apps & Data Solutions

Your solution will bring together all the systems your organisation uses into one easy to use location

Cloud Based Solutions

With a cloud solution you can securely access your services from anywhere and at any time

Continuous Support

As long as you are our customer we will provide support, add requested features and upgrade your solution


Throughout the development of your solution, we will deliver prototypes to gather your feedback and improve your solution based on it

Why omniEffect?

Insightful Solutions

At omniEffect, we believe that every business is unique in some way. No more generic systems built with the “one size fits all” mindset, omniEffect solutions are designed by our analysists and tailor-made to your exact requirements.

Passion For Quality

omniEffect is built on leadership, vision and passion for technology.  This attitude shows through the solutions we create; we don’t stop design and developing your solutions when it’s “good enough”, we stop working when we believe, and you believe, that your solution is amazing.

Highly Experienced Team

We have worked on projects ranging from small mobile applications to multinational systems integration. When you work with omniEffect you can trust that you are working with a group of passionate, multi-skilled and widely experienced people.

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