For as long as humanity has been inventing new ways to solve problems the advancement of technology has been revolutionising the way society functions. The journey from nomads, to small village tribes, to city-states, to continent-spanning civilisations has always been marked by the changes in the technology available to humanity. However, for almost all of humanity’s existence, these changes took more a human lifetime to have a noticeable effect on how people lived their lives. This is no longer the case. The digital age has brought about advancements so vast and so rapid that within extremely short periods of time the way we interact with the world has been drastically changed. Just think about how quickly the internet went from being a method of transferring data over a small network of researchers to being a core component of how we interact with other humans.

The Purpose Of This Blog

For a business to survive in today’s market they must be acutely aware of the rapid advances in technology. Businesses that are aware of technology will be in a fantastic position to take advantage of this technology. Those businesses that ignore advancing technology in favour of their traditional approaches will quickly be left behind. This isn’t because the old approaches are bad or poorly designed, its because the consumers move on without them.

Take the rental DVD industry, for instance, a perfectly good business model that didn’t fail due to bad design but simply because people onto streaming instead. Businesses positioned to take advantage of new streaming technologies were ready to capitalise on this, in fact, some of today’s streaming giants began as retail DVD companies. These businesses didn’t have staff that worked harder or vastly more resources than their competition at the time, it was simply that these streaming companies prioritised staying aware of technological trends and developments and acted on them.

Your business could be the next to be covered in an example like this, and depending on how you prioritise staying aware of technology you could be on either side of the example. We know that it can be difficult to keep up with all of this information so we have created the omniEffect blog. By reading our blog your business will be well on its way to staying aware of the changes in technology, and with an omniEffect solution, we can actively implement these changes to give your business the best chance of success possible.

Topics We Will Cover

If its relevant to businesses and technology we will be covering it. Our blogs will include content about how we are evolving our services to match the development of technology, as well as general discussions about the world of technology in business. If you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see us discuss feel free to send us an email!

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