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Who Are We?

If there was one sentence to summarise omniEffect it would be “we build Enterprise Applications with a focus on creating a Unified View and an amazing User Experience.”

omniEffect was founded in 2004 on the dream of a small team of software developers to build composite enterprise applications. These applications would take all the technical requirements and existing systems of a business and ‘glue’ them together in a unified view.

In the early years of our journey towards our goal our team offered consulting services. The consulting services included using in-house development and creating solutions using Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe products. During this period, we focussed on financials, digital marketing, manufacturing, life sciences, aircraft and telecommunications.

As our team’s skills increase we moved towards developing innovative solutions. These solutions included complex desktop and server data visualisation. In addition to this, we developed scalable processing capable of handling mixed content such as media and documents including high fidelity interactive analytics.

The time the omniEffect team spent doing this has given them a set of unique experiences and skills. Our team now has a wealth of experience working with wide range of business types. Therefore, we are now able to provide quality solutions from a point of understanding the actual issues these businesses face.

Our team also developed skills covering the full development lifecycle. This means we are able to provide services starting with requirements analysis through to the final implementation. This includes not only the development but also the implementation, consulting and management of the delivered solution.  This means we have the skills to carry a project through to ensure it is living up to every expectation our clients have. More importantly, we take immense pride in being able to provide this complete service to our customers.

The team temporarily put omniEffect on hold for a few years they other projects. The Next Data Engine was the most important project they worked on during this time. This engine incorporates all the team’s experience with enterprise development into one core framework.

Now with the engine developed, omniEffect has been taken off hold to realise the dream of using this engine to enable the creation of tailor-made, beautiful, unified solutions. Our solutions are now able to encompass all the functionality required by enterprise-grade applications. In addition, we are now able to do this within a much shorter timeframe than previously possible.

What We Offer

We offer business the ability to streamline their processes by providing a central composite application that brings together all their existing systems. We work closely with businesses to determine their information technology needs and get to work using our systems to provide custom tailored solutions to their problems.

Personal Consultation

Our development team will get in touch with you personally to discuss your business needs

Apps & Data Solutions

Your solution will bring together all the systems your organisation uses into one easy to use location

Cloud Based Solutions

With a cloud solution you can securely access your services from anywhere and at any time

Continuous Support

As long as you are our customer we will provide support, add requested features and upgrade your solution


Throughout the development of your solution, we will deliver prototypes to gather your feedback and improve your solution based on it

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Who Will Be Working With You?

Michael Wise


Steve Rogers

Senior Developer

Madara Karunarathna


Peter Koadlow

Company Secretary and Sales

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Free to contact us using any of the contact details or send us a direct message using the form below. We will then respond to you as soon as possible about any questions you have.

If you wish to have an omniEffect solution for your business just let us know that in your message. We will imediatly start put your solution into motion!

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