Brisbane City

The Challenge

Brisbane City Council was attempting to upgrade their existing Intranet, transforming it into an Enterprise Grade, fully-collaborative environment, with little success and faced the following critical challenges:

  • Project staff attrition (3 separate PMs and teams over 18 months)
  • Deliver a platform capable of supporting approx. 9000 staff
  • Competing requirements from business divisions

Due to the state of the project, the involved stakeholders, and time pressures around delivery, omniEffect had inherited a project on a path for failure.

The Solution

Starting Out

The initial omniEffect challenge was to realign the expectations of the executive sponsors of the project, the key stakeholders, and the project delivery team; ensuring that all were fully aware and supportive of the proposed approach to resolving the issues and delivering project success.  This activity was critical in regaining sponsorship and confidence that the project was not beyond recovery.

This was achieved through omniEffect completely redeveloping the program of work, showing a clear and detailed project execution plan, addressing all outstanding issues, risks, and concerns, and providing a completely new business case to articulate the proposed budget, expected benefits, success criterion, and management controls for gateway sign-off through the project.


  • Complete Rework of the Project Management Plan
    The Project Management Plan was reworked from the ground up, to address the outstanding issues, risks, resourcing constraints, budget and time constraints, in addition to articulating the success criterion and testing approach to enable the project to be successful. Delivery of this artefact was a key milestone in instilling confidence in the executive sponsors that the project could be delivered successfully.
  • Reengaged Key Stakeholders and Up-Skill of Operational Personnel
    A significant communications and change management activity was undertaken to ensure that all stakeholders were able to provide their input into expected benefits, and were provided with the opportunity to provide input into the new operational processes for how the platform would be managed. Operational staff were fully engaged from start to finish in the project lifecycle, to guarantee they were confident that they were able to support the platform post-go-live.
  • Complete Redesign of Solution Architecture
    The proposed solution architecture of the original solution was reworked from the ground up to ensure that not only did it address the existing business stakeholders’ requirements, but fit into the strategic requirements of executive stakeholders, whose desire and long-term desired benefits had not been factored in with the initial design.


  • Successful Launch of New Platform
    Brisbane City Council launched an enterprise grade platform, capable of scaling to support future strategic business requirements, with a template process demonstrated through the delivery of the new Corporate Intranet.
  • Established Ownership Model
    Previously disengaged stakeholders were successfully reengaged, and converted into advocates and evangelists of the benefits of the new platform, provided with the responsibility and capability to take ownership of the new platform post-project.
  • Redesign of IT Project Processes
    FTE IT resources were up-skilled during the delivery of the project, being mentored in Project Management, Requirements Gathering and Analysis, Agile Development, and Change Control in Enterprise Environments.

The Client

Brisbane City Council

Industry – Local Government
Turnover – $3.1bn per Annum
Locations – Brisbane, Australia
Employees – Approx.9000
Project Budget – <$1 Million

The Project

Enterprise-grade, fully-collaborative intranet project inherited part way through the project

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