Ecosafe Website

The Challenge

Ecosafe International, as a small business, had begun looking to develop an internet presence. This online presence was to include a new look and feel design to complement their industry, using their existing logo and remaining consistent with their stationery. Being a small business, the focus for OmniEffect was to work within the brief to deliver the maximum ‘bang for buck’ within the budget:

  • Design online look and feel along with a full stationery suite
  • Set up and implement a content management platform for the website
  • Provide Search Engine Optimisation, vital for marketing a small business in the environmental space
  • Provide training on the implemented system

As with any small business customer, Ecosafe wanted a consistent and personal delivery that also carried the quality and project transparency of a large organisation, without having any significant in-house experience of technology projects – all within a set budget.

The Solution

Starting Out

The initial OmniEffect goal was to select the right platform for the client to help them achieve the requirements quickly and cost-effectively, but also with a view for expansion as the company grows. With the platform and architecture designed and agreed, the project phases and estimates were designed in concert with the client to ensure correct prioritisation.


  • Select Best Platform for Development
    Joomla was selected as the CMS, and the architecture and project plan reviewed and confirmed with the client.
  • Manage Design Phase
    Working through all elements of the design phase, requirements were communicated with the designer; all versions were presented back to the client until a final design was approved within the timeframe and budget.
  • Implement and Set Up Joomla Platform
    Working from the agreed sitemap, the Joomla platform was deployed and implemented on the live hosting server; the approved design was implemented using CSS.
  • Add Content and Imagery
    Using the Joomla CMS add and update all content and imagery provided by the client.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    All required meta data was added to the website code, and then processed through the required search engines and returned results analysed.
  • Training and handover
    The client was trained on using the CMS admin area in order for them to administer the website and maintain and update content. Once finalized the project moved to the official handover.


  • Ecosafe now has a presence on the internet that comes up in the top ten searches on Google for their industry.
  • The system in place is scalable and modular, enabling system growth alongside the expansion of the company.
  • The website was delivered on time and within budget to a customer whose needs were prioritized throughout the process to ensure consistent delivery.

The Client

Ecosafe International

Industry – Environmental
Locations – Australia/Western Australia
Employees – 1-50
Project Budget – $5,001 – $25,000

The Project

Automation of procurement processes and systems

Client Quote

The service received from omniEffect, was professional and of great value to Ecosafe International. In particular the project manager from omniEffect deserves recognition for his commitment, proactive approach and organisational abilities which were central to the delivery of our website within the required timeframes.
omniEffect has not only provided the required day to day solution, but has also advised and provided Ecosafe International with proactive options related to our planned growth.
Ecosafe International highly recommends the services of omniEffect.
– Ryan Milne, Director Ecosafe International

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