Project Outline

Tropical Fruit Hub is a web application that provides business insights for the tropical fruit market within South-East Asia, initially focused on Mango production. This application was created and hosted by omniEffect in collaboration with Griffith Agribusiness and researchers from Griffith University, Australia.

The purpose of this project is to provide Decision SupportInformation Transfer and Simulation for use in Foreign Affairs, Primary Industry, Local Government and Vision is to provide quality Agri-business informatics for use in trade, precision agriculture and education.

The Solution


Tropical Fruit Hub provides:

  • import and export summaries on fruit production of participating countries,
  • exports and imports analysis in terms of volume, value and price per unit for a given time period,
  • summaries at the bottom left side of the screen with a set of in-detail graphs next to them,
  • calculated evaluation summaries based on the most accurate available data to provide a reliable overview of sales during the previous year,
  • the ability to foresee current and future market more accurately and make the right decisions at the right time and,
  • variety of analysis graphs with well defined parameters making data analysis easy to read and understand, hence get its maximum benefit.

The next steps of the Fruit Hub include expanding the coverage of data for:

  • other regions of the world,
  • additional fruit varieties,
  • shipping data including ports, ships & agencies and,
  • weather and data that affects fruit production and consumption.

The Client

Griffith University (Griffith Agribusiness)

Industry – Education
Locations – Australia
Employees – 500-1500
Project Budget – <$40,000

The Project

Web application for quickly viewing statistics and metrics about the production, export and import of certain fruits

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