Murphy Pipe & Civil

The Challenge

Murphy Pipe and Civil were looking to commence a high risk cut-over of their existing procurement process and systems across the organisation, to include:

  • Replacement of complete manual processes
  • Multiple operational locations and teams
  • Data to be supplied to, and integrated with, 2 separate management systems (Operations and Finance)

A direct impact of needing to support remote geographic locations was that many staff would be offline for extended periods of time, and all payment transactions were processed centrally at head office.

In addition, the procurement process was fundamental in how the business charged costs back to its client and carried financial impacts of $20 – $30 million in liabilities every month.

The Solution

Starting Out

The initial omniEffect objective was to validate the stated business requirements and define the criteria for success by the business users.  omniEffect produced the requirements specification, and subsequent solution design for the new procurement system, enabling the creation of the systems and structures to support the new desired process.


  • Persistent Procurement Data Model
    A persistent data model was created that encapsulated the organisations’ perfect view of how the involved information would look. This allowed for a dramatic simplification in monthly reporting.
  • Real-Time Event Driven Processing
    Real-time system interfaces were provided to involved business applications, allowing transactions to be conducted, and automatically orchestrated across disparate business locations, without the need to manually trigger workflows, or rely on scheduling mechanics.
  • Integrated Logic and Business Rules
    Business rules were incorporated into the delivered platform, allowing the system to determine whether additional information was required to continue the process, or even if information used by field offices was incorrect and would result in inconsistencies with head office financial requirements.


  • Successful Cutover to New System
    Murphy Pipe and Civil were successfully cut-over to the new automated system, which reduced manual handling significantly and automated 70% of the former process.
  • Reduction in Process Time
    Efficiencies gained through automation, and use of integrated systems reduced the process completion time from 3-4 weeks per transaction to 3-5 days per transaction.
  • Redesign of IT Project Processes
    FTE IT resources were up-skilled during the delivery of the project, being mentored in Project Management, Requirements Gathering and Analysis, Agile Development, and Change control in Enterprise Environments.

The Client

Murphy Pipe & Civil

Industry – Civil Engineering and Construction
Turnover – $700M per Annum
Locations – Australia
Employees – 1000-1500
Project Budget – <$1 Million

The Project

Automation of procurement processes and systems

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