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We offer businesses the ability to streamline their processes by providing a central composite application that brings together all their existing systems. Our solutions are tailor-made to each individual business. This can be effectively achieved because our consultants will directly analyse your business through a series of consultations. By doing this we can ensure that every solution we develop fulfils every requirement of the business.


omniEffect is built on leadership, vision and passion for technology.  This attitude shows through the solutions we create; we don’t stop design and developing your solutions when it’s “good enough”, we stop working when we believe, and you believe, that your solution is amazing.

apps & data

Your solution will bring together all the systems your organisation uses into one easy to use location. Stop wasting time tabbing between multiple software packages, instead work inside one composite application.

cloud based

With an omniEffect cloud solution, you can securely access your services from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, our cloud solutions are built with cloud backups and redundancy in mind, so your data will always be safe and accessible.


As long as you are our customer we will provide support, add requested features and upgrade your solution. We work hard to ensure that when you purchase an omniEffect solution it last for many years, and continue to provide all your required functionality even when your requirements change.


Throughout the development of your solution, we will deliver prototypes to gather your feedback and improve your solution based on it. By doing this we can ensure that the completed solution perfectly fulfils your requirements.

OE Commerce

Fast, No limits eCommerce solution for your Business.

Creating impact together

There is no one product that we offer or even a line of customisations of the same product. This is because we believe there is no such thing as the one size fits all solution. There are plenty of other providers of IT solutions. Many of them will allow you to purchase an existing software package and it’s up to you to make it work for your business, we think we can do better than that.

Our solutions are created individually for each business. While much of the solution may remain similar across businesses, we design each solution to solve the specific problems the business is facing.

For this reason, each of our solutions are different. However, the core of most omniEffect solutions is a tailor-made dashboard. This dashboard will incorporate all your existing services and data into one location. By creating a composite dashboard this way we can eliminate much of the jumping from tab to tab that currently exists. Instead, you will be able to view all the information you need to complete daily tasks and make business decisions through one online application.

In addition to this composite dashboard of your existing systems, we will design and implemented new systems for your solution. Check out the features section and use cases section to get some ideas of what your solution could entail. If you have some ideas of what you want your solution to be, feel free to contact us!

Get Your Free Demo

We have done our best to explain our solutions on this website. However, we have always found that demonstrating our solutions is the best way to explain them. If you are interested in an omniEffect solution but want more information before you commit, we strongly recommend using our free demo service.

Simply click the button and complete the form. A member of our team will get into contact with to organise and customise the demo for you. We will step you through using the demo solution, and start discussing how we could design your business’ solution to fulfil your needs.

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Send us a message and one of our team members will get in touch with you to answer any questions you have.

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