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At omniEffect we pride ourselves on creating solutions which solve a wide variety of business problems in one central solution. To achieve this a large number of distinct features are included within each solution. Additionally, some of these features are custom made, depending on the needs of the business.

We have compiled a list of commonly requested features below. Your solution can incorporate any combination of these features, depending on what you need. Additional features will be developed for your solution to ensure a unified solution is provided. If you have any questions about a feature you require or any other questions, feel free to contact us!


To stay alive in the world of business, especially in the fast-moving age of technology, you have to be making quick business decisions often on a daily basis. However, there is no point making quick decisions if they are based on old or incorrect information. An omniEffect solution can solve this issue by providing your team with the statistics, metrics and business information they need when they need it.

With your solution your team will no longer have to scour all of your information sources or view out of date reports, they will be able to immediately access all the information about your business from within the single location of your omniEffect solution.


If you look hard enough, every complex business process is a composite of hundreds (if not thousands) of simple tasks. It is painful to watch as your valuable employees are dragged away from the work they are good at to complete these simple tasks.

With an omniEffect solution, our designers will analyse these business processes and determine the sections that can be automated and will deliver your solution with automation systems for these sections.


With an omniEffect solution, we will take all of your existing services, information and required functionality and roll it into one easy to use solution. This means that to access the metrics and data from all of your platforms or to access their functionality all your team needs to do is log into one central application.

By forming a composite of all of these systems your omniEffect solution will also be able to perform tasks that utilise multiple platforms, such as comparing data from two sources or generating a report from one service and saving it to a cloud storage provider.


With an omniEffect solution, your management and staff will be able to access the business anywhere they go. This will allow your team to easily work from home, use the solution while they are visiting clients, or simply allow them to easily access the solution around the office.

This is achieved by utilising a cloud infrastructure and web application for your solution. Without having to install any additional software your staff and management can easily access the solution from anywhere with an internet connection! And if you ever need to increase the size of your solution just give us a call and we can expand your solution within days.


For a business solution to be effective it must allow multiple members of the organisation to access it, and often these users are going to need access to different sections of the solution. omniEffect solutions support this through its role-based multi-user system.

Our designers will work with you to analyse the roles within your organisation and decide what data and functionality they need to be able to view and use. By doing this we can customise how each of your employees will view and use the solution to create the work environment that is most efficient for them and puts in the security measures required to keep your critical information and systems secure.

user to user

omniEffect solutions support inboxes for users within its dashboard, where messages can be received from other users or from solution generated messages on events such as metrics reaching a certain point or an automation task completing.

By keeping your messaging centralised with your omniEffect solution, your staff and management will be able to quickly view any incoming messages while simultaneously working within your solution.

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