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A No Limits & fresh approach to eCommerce.

Modern Platform

With our Commerce platform you do not have to settle for less.  Our system comes out-of-the-box ready to do everything you need – no limits.

Take control of your store with customer experience features as:

  • Connect with Customers: get a notification on anything, including Add to cart, Add order and Viewed items.
  • Engage with Customers using:
    • Banners: automatically display a banner based on customer actions.
    • Email: automatically send an appropriate email to customers based on their interaction with OE Commerce.  Send e-mails to customers who leave their shopping carts without having completed a purchase.
    • Roles: allow customers to be part of your store’s journey by automatically assigning roles,  opening deeper features of your store such as Knowledge Base and Forums drives engagement.

Customer Reminders

Automatically send an appropriate email to customers based on their interaction with OE Commerce.  For example, you can send e-mails to customers who leave their shopping carts without having completed a purchase.

Google Analytics Integration

You can access the many reports and statistics available from Google Analytics. Reports available on the dashboard include All traffic, exit pages, devices used, localization. You can also select a range of dates for which reports should be generated.


We recognize the importance of maximizing a store’s visibility in the search results.  Proper optimization ensures a higher place in the search engine results providing free traffic to your site.  OE Commerce supports two versions of the sitemaps, HTML and XML. By using search engine friendly URLs the shop is easily searched by browser robots which, combined with customer queries, positively affects search results. In addition OE Commerce has integration with Google Analytics.


Key to the success of an online store are effective digital marketing activities.  OE Commerce provides many opportunities in this field including reward pointsdiscounts and coupons.

Customers can be provided with reward points based on the amount they spend, which can then be used for further shopping in the store.  The points can be provided as a percentage of sales or a fixed amount based on criteria you set e.g. based on certain  products, on a product category, a minimum order value or the method of delivery.

In addition, discounts can be based on the type of customer.  OE Commerce also has a partner program which means you can reward partners for shopping by each of their affiliates or people introduced by them.

Payment Methods

OE Commerce allows you to integrate your shop with more than 50 payment methods and gateways supporting key features as reoccurring billing, full and partial refunds.

Shipping Features

Deliveries may be charged depending on the weight or value of the orderOE Commerce also makes it possible to offer free shipping for a certain amount of ordered goods.  You can also provide discounts or even free delivery to specific customers or groups.  Customers can enter two different addresses, one for invoices, the second for the delivery, so customers can easily send someone a gift.  The customer is also provided with information that enables them to calculate the estimated cost of delivery before placing an order.  With the additional extensions you can offer several different suppliers for the same goods.

Tax Features

OE Commerce provides all tax accounting prevailing in Australia.


OE Commerce allows customers to checkout without creating an account in your shop. The customer has the ability to personalize the order with gift wrap or dedication.  In OE Commerce you have also a feature called as “One page checkout” which significantly reduces the time of ordering.

Multi store, multi-vendor

Manage multiple shopping carts with different addresses under one admin panel.  Sign contracts with external suppliers and sell their services without having their stock.  Each vendor has it own independent account in the administration panel.


You can add as many product attributes as you need, each of them with its own price, stock and SKU.  You can introduce your own texts or graphics to customise products, such as mugs and t-shirts.  You can specify the weight, price, condition of storage.  In addition, sales of multimedia as eBooks, mp3 or audio books has never been so simple.

OE Commerce supports a range of product types:

  • Simple Products
  • Product Kits and Groups
  • Auction system: automated auction system.  During the product creation process you can set the product type as Auction.  This allows you to specify start price, buy now price and sets and the auction end time.
  • Booking system: reservation product type allows you to generate an availability calendar for your resources.  You are then able to choose time periods when your customers will be able to make reservations.  Resource cost is priced per time period.

Mobile Commerce

OE Commerce is completely accessible for mobile, tablets and all kinds of computers and is fully theme-able.

When you’re ready for your very own Mobile eCommerce App feel free to Contact Us !  In the mean-time pick a theme that you can use for your mobile App and we’ll make it fresh just right you.

OE Commerce powered by Next Data Engine.

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