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Having a centralised solution that handles all of the services your business requires creates several key benefits for your business and its employees. By centralising your data and services you will be able to not only access them quickly and efficiently but you will be able to use your data and services in conjunction with each other with far greater ease than previously possible.

Need a notification sent to your organisation whenever analytic increases above a point? We can do that. Want to automatically generate a report of all your analytics platforms once a week and mail them out to your employees? We can do that. Want to view the amount of money you are paying each month through two separate payroll systems? We can do that. The possibilities are endless.

Find out more about how our solutions can benefit your specific organisation below! Note that you can mix and match any of the features as you see fit. These use cases are simply examples of possible configurations.


Unify your business into one central dashboard

Track every possible statistic and metric across your organisation

Utilise the latest in automation technologies to increase your business’ efficiency

Give your employees the tools they need to work efficiently

At omniEffect, we believe that having a unified view of your systems is vital to staying competitive in business today, and it is also just so much more convenient than constantly using multiple systems. While we are completely capable of delivering just a customer portal, or just a stats page, we specialise in create complete business solutions that provide an interface for every member of your business to have all the systems they require right at their fingertips as soon as they log in.

In addition, your business will be able to make better decisions regarding your employees based on the information gathered by your omniEffect solution. Watch statistics about your employees such as the work they are completing, their efficiency levels over time, employee communication through connected systems, and many, many more.

The unified view also means that your high-level management teams can have easy access to all the information associated with your organisation with the press of a few buttons. With an omniEffect solution, we can set up systems for your management team that will automatically access and generate reports on all the departments and projects of your business, removing the need for management to ask each team individually to create a report for them and send it up the line. Your management team will also have access to the real-time statistics of all these departments and projects through the dashboard.

Read more about each of the use cases below, all of these can be incorporated into your omniEffect solution to generate your unified view.


All your accounting and management systems in one place

Automate periodic reports 

View statistics from across your organisation, such as cost projections and asset values, directly on the dashboard

Compare statistics directly on the dashboard with only a few clicks

Easily communicate with team members in one central location

omniEffect is confident that accountants will love the capability provided by an omniEffect solution, so confident in-fact that our first presentation was targeted for a group of accountants. Our solutions for accountants are focused on reducing the amount of repetitive simple tasks that need to be performed, allowing accountants using our solutions to focus their time on organising their project budgets, reworking business finances for the best tax outcome, working through accounts with clients, and so on.

Our solutions provide this reduction of workload by providing tools within the accountant’s dashboard that allow the user quick access to the functionality and information they require to be able to complete the task. Perhaps your organisation has two separate systems for keeping track of budget information. Any time your accountants need to change a number they must change it in both systems. Using an omniEffect solution we will build you a workflow that allows you to enter the information once and have it updated in both locations.

Imagine you have reports that need to be created and sent every month. Even with some of the best tools your accountants may need to manually pull out data or send the report out manually. Our team at omniEffect will create an automation workflow for this problem, which will be able to automatically generate reports based on data from the composite of all your systems and automatically send these reports.


Latest machine learning and data analysis capabilities

Metrics, statistics and information from all sources in one location

View the real-time value of your investment portfolio

As every good investor will know having correct and real-time information available is the difference between gaining and losing millions. When this information is spread out over many different services it can be difficult to keep track off and often some information may slip by unnoticed. An omniEffect solution offers to solve this issue by providing all the information you could possibly need in one location. and allowing you to read and compare the information easily, enabling you to make smart investment decisions.
In addition, by utilising the skills of our developers and the technology they have created our omniEffect solutions can assist you in making these investment decisions. This is enabled through the latest advances in machine learning and data analysis technologies to provide powerful analysis and predictions based on the data available. Furthermore, because your omniEffect solution will be able to draw data from all your existing services and any new services you request the analysis it performs will be in relation to the full context rather than just a subset of the information.


View all your customer information in one location

Update information easily in one location, rather than across all your systems

Get real-time updates on the status customers (including satisfaction levels and customer requests)

Easily answer questions about your customers

You can pour money into marketing to get a quick uptake in sales, or release a shiny new product to get people talking for a while. However, if you want to maintain a large base of customers who continue to fund your business it is vital that you maintain a good relationship with your customers. Maintaining these relationships doesn’t have to be hard, so long as you have the right tools and a team of people who know how to use them. omniEffect aims to provide your business with a solution that takes all your existing customer relationship management systems and centralise them in one easy to use location.

Our solutions will also provide you with real-time statistics, tasks and messages to enable your team to take your customer relationships to the next level.

& portals

Give your customers easy access to your services

Increase customer retainment

Easily track customer behaviour and information

Directly interact with your customers through your own platform

With an omniEffect solution, your customers can easily access your services and information, while directly tieing in their actions into all your platforms with no need for additional effort on the part of your employees. This is perfect for businesses that offer ongoing services that require customers to be able to access and interact with this service.

Travelreel, one of our early omniEffect solutions, is a perfect example of this. The Travelreel web application allows customers purchase a subscription to the media creation service through an easy to use interface. The data entered is immediately sent to Travelreel’s omniEffect solution which creates the subscription details and creates an account for the user. The user is then given access to the Travelreel dashboard where they can see all their active media, set up call to action links on their videos, and see statistics about customers watching the videos.

Read more our work on Travelreel!

and many, many more.

As previously mentioned, these are just a few examples of how your omniEffect solution could be configured, if you want your executive staff to generate accounting reports or your accountants to see executive statics that is completely possible.

Additionally, just because a feature you want isn’t listed here doesn’t mean we won’t do it; If you have a specific feature request or an idea for your solution feel free to contact us to start the processes of building your custom solution!

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